Fx Bulls Capital

About Us

Founded in 2021, at Fx Bulls Capital we know exactly what it takes to be a successful day trader.

You need the skills and the secret strategies that only 3-4% of all traders know and you certainly do not need another “guru” with strong claims and zero results.

With 10+ years of combined experience, 3 full courses, multiple guides, MT4-MT5 platform tutorials + courses, 55+ forex signal sources, professional formulas, unique risk management strategy and our hard working team, we are here to guide you and do the hard work for you.

We’ll teach the secrets of online trading, with our step by step process.
We believe that we can change the lives of our team, our community and our loyal customers.

We’re Bulls, We See Red, We Charge.
We charge to save you from the red and make sure you’re always profitable while you’re learning constantly on this fantastic Fx journey.
Trading should be for everyone. Let’s change lives all together, one trade at a time!